Outsiders Music Review of Deep Ella


by Peter-Shaun Tyrell

The afternoon on 6th street was vibrant with energy coursing from every bar whose open windows streamed live music. Deep Ella’s set felt like the eye of the storm when they finished. The four piece immediately captured the attention of the crowd as these seasoned musicians blew new and old fans away.

There were some great tracks but You Lied was the favourite. When the track starts you feel like enter a maze with vibrant, translucent hedges as you become totally lost within its walls. The best thing about You Lied is it encompasses what individual talents Deep Ella have as well showcasing their uniformed sound. It may have been the weather, the bands who played before them, or the atmosphere of 6th street but it seemed like at that moment when You Lied played it typified SXSW and when the song came to a close, the cheers and claps affirmed this thought.

You may like Garage, Indie, Industrial Heavy Metal or my personal best Italian Occult Psychedelia but whatever your favourite ostentatious sub-genre may be Deep Ella transcend them all as they are simply a great Rock band. The band are the roots of what rock music is, yet still have a progressive sound to them. If the Houston band are ever playing close to you make a window in your schedule and be there.

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